giovedì 15 novembre 2012

Epidemic - new single by BR out soon

"Epidemic", new single by Brigitte Roussel will be soon available on Double Hallucinative. 
A mix of electronic and dark weird sounds that brings you in an atmosphere of some zoonotic disease and ecstasy of saints.
Take a listen  to the title track of the single:

Nac/Hut Report – A Thousand Years

From upcoming album by Nac/Hut Report, one of the last recordings.

Collaboration with Mamabaer-Kommissar Hjuler

Paintings released for the collaboration project 
with Mamabaer-Kommissar Hjuler (october 2012).

Title: Cats in my head
size: (+/-) 78cm x 45cm
year: 2012
technique: mixed technique
the painting made on self elaborated canvas

 Title: Double Portrait
size: 40cm x 40cm
year: 2012
technique: Acrylic and paper on canvas